Styling your Photography Session

Deciding on the perfect outfits for your session can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are dressing numerous people. Coordinating, but not matching…where is one to begin? I want to make that process as stress free and easy for you as possible. Take a scroll through some of my gorgeous clients to see if their wardrobes give you any inspiration and then I’ll give you some tips.


The very first thing you must do when deciding what to wear for any photography session, whether it be a senior, child, family, or couple is to determine what your vision for your photography session is.


Casually Polished

Are you looking to achieve a polished and timeless, but still casually authenitc version of yourself?


free spirited Whimsical

Are you looking for a heavily styled, themed session? Do flower crowns, lace, and flowy dresses excite you?


Glamorous & bold

Are you looking to create a dramatic statement? Think bold colors, strong angles, and fun textures. Don’t be afraid to go big!


Now that you know your vision for your session, let’s think about your location. Do you want rich photos in lush greenery, industrial photos that may contain neutral grays or browns, or an urban area with sidewalks, black paved roads, orange brick buildings and bright white walls? It is important to consider your backgrounds, as you don’t want to blend in. For example, if you are standing in a forested area of green in the Spring, and you’re wearing a green shirt, you are going to be lost in the scenery. The focus needs to be on you, while the background compliments and allows the star of the photo to be the star.

You now know your style and have an idea of the type of location you want and what colors will contrast nicely with that. That means it is time to focus on the individuals involved. People tend to dress the children first and coordinate from there. I believe this to be a big mistake. Let’s focus on the hardest to dress person first. In a family session, the majority of the time, this is mom, as she is often the most critical of herself.

Mom, if you don’t already have any idea of what you’re going to wear, I encourage you to first decide what your favorite feature about yourself is. Instead of initially hiding your insecurities, let’s celebrate the parts of you that you love first. Do you have a nice neckline? Let’s show that off. Do you have long legs? Maybe wear a nice shorter dress. Right now you have a lot of freedom in selecting what makes you feel confident and beautiful, because everyone else is going to coordinate around you!

After Mom is taken care of, I recommend moving to the children, which normally isn’t as hard. Children can rock just about anything! What do I do want to encourage you to think of is what colors coordinate well together without being overly matching and corny. I’ll show you some swatches from Pinterest for inspiration. Also, you want to remember not to go pattern crazy. If you don’t like any of these schemes, take some time to do your own search and then you can easily dress your family from there.

While wearing a pattern is normally okay, try to keep it down to one per group so that you are complimenting each other instead of competing for focal attention in your photo. Large patterns can make bold statement and add a lot of personality, just make sure that it compliments and doesn’t over power you. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident!